Tip for Parents on Internet Safety for Youth

Mobile devicesBy: Wadena Police Chief Naomi J. Plautz

Wow, everywhere you look there is technology! At work, at school, at home, there is no getting away from it; frightening to some, and a natural part of everyday life for others.  I remember in elementary we were privileged to play “Oregon Trail” only in the library, and only if it was your turn; we only had two dos computers. J

Don’t stress about your kids/teens using the internet. I have some easy tips to get you started and the more you do these things the easier it will be and you can then graduate into knowing more about it. Trust me, I’ve had to “learn” too!

First of all, you are the parent, even if your child bought, or was gifted their own phone, iPad, tablet etc. You are responsible for them and therefore expected to view anything your child/teen is doing on them.  Have them show you early on how to use certain apps, or watch them as they use them – or they don’t get to. Set up parental restrictions on the unit. Ask someone you know to show you if you don’t feel comfortable trying to do it on your own or with your child/teen.  Search the browser history, OFTEN.  Tell your child/teen that you are going to search the history, maybe do it with them.  The younger they are when you start “lets surf the web together” idea, the less resistance you will receive!

Click here for a full list of Website Help Centers that Netsmartz, a program created by National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. They put together a lot of common apps and websites for you to use.

It’s so easy and quick for a child/teen to get to something “inappropriate” on the web, even by accident.

Happy surfing!

Police Chief Naomi J. Plautz

Police Chief Naomi J. Plautz

About the Guest Author: Chief Naomi J. Plautz is the Police Chief for the City of Wadena and has been lucky enough to work for the citizens of Wadena for 19 years. She lives in Deer Creek with her husband four children, ranging in ages from 7-21. At the police department they strive to serve the citizens in the best way possible and she feels privileged to serve such a great community!

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