Tri Aquatics: New Mom Course

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Jeremy & his family.

Jeremy & his family.

Hello all, my name is Jeremy Meyer. I have been a Physical Therapist at TCHC for nearly eight years. I have two beautiful children with my gorgeous wife Alison who also works for TCHC as a Nurse Practitioner, primarily at the Bertha Clinic. When my wife was pregnant with our almost 2-year-old daughter, she was starting to get a lot of low back pain and sacroiliac joint pain (SI pain). She had a significant amount of swelling in her legs starting at 17 weeks. At that time the Maslowski Wellness and Research Center was not up and running yet but was close to opening. Luckily, we were able to transform our home spa from a hot tub to a lukewarm pregnant momma sanctuary. The Physical Therapist in me knew the water would benefit her and this was the best we had at the time. It really seemed to benefit her swelling, reduce her low-back pain and give her 30-40 minutes of reduced discomfort in her entire body. Not only was I excited that my wife could find some comfort, but I was also excited for our patients and community knowing that TCHC would have access to the warm water therapy pool once the wellness center was open in Wadena. This was amazing when my wife was pregnant with our son who is 3-months-old now. The therapy pool is much bigger and nicer than our lukewarm pregnant momma sanctuary at home!

What is Tri Aquatic Therapy?

Tri Aquatic Therapy is a specialized form of physical and occupational therapy. It not only improves motion and flexibility, but also the warmth of 92°F water provides therapeutic effects to allow a patient’s muscles to relax while helping to reduce pain. Through an arrangement with the Maslowski Wellness & Research Center, Tri-County Health Care offers access to one of the area’s premiere therapy pools. Paired with our highly skilled and trained staff, patients can expect one of the most comprehensive therapy programs in central Minnesota.

Tri Aquatic Therapy

Tri Aquatic Therapy

We have now been in the warm water therapy pool at the Maslowski Wellness and Research Center for nearly two years. We’ve utilized the pool for patients of all ages and impairments. Including:

  • Pediatric patients for strengthening, coordination, and sensory impairments.
  • Patients with low back pain, arthritic pain, and return to function after healing from a surgery.
  • Reduction of pain in our new expecting mothers.
  • New mothers who are still having issues after bringing a new life to this world.

I feel that we at TCHC can do more for all of the new mothers or expecting mothers in our community. Utilization of the warm water pool is an amazing place to start. The Maslowski Wellness and Research Center is an awesome facility with an out of this world staff.

We’re excited to be hosting our first-ever Tri Aquatics Moms Course on November 10th from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm! Stacey Callahan, PT, DPT (mom of one), and Katherine Dittmann, COTA (mom of two), who are also aquatictriaquaticsmomscoursefb therapists, will guide mothers through this relaxing one-hour-class.  They each personally know the benefits of getting into the warm water pool for reducing pain and maintaining strength during the pregnancy. They know how safe it is to be in the water and will share their personal stories with you at the class.

You don’t have to be a member at the Maslowski Wellness and Research Center to attend to the class. As well, you don’t have to be a patient at TCHC. The class is free, but is limited to 15 people. Please contact TCHC Rehab front desk at 218-631-7475 to reserve your spot for the class.

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