How I found my dream profession through the Summer Internship Program…

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By: Taylor Shamp

I believe I was in the 6th grade when I was first brought into see a physical therapist at Tri-County Health Care. It was those few weeks into my recovery when my gut told me “this is what you want to do with your life.”

Taylor playing High School Volleyball.

Taylor playing High School Volleyball for Bertha-Hewitt.

I am an up and coming senior at Bertha-Hewitt High School and daughter of not only one, but two Tri-County Health Care employees! My dad, Adam, works with the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) crew and my mom, Medley, with the Care Coordination team. I am also a three sport athlete, captain of the basketball team, recently elected as Bertha-Hewitt’s Student Council President and lastly, I aspire to be a Tri-County Health Care Employee.

I am fortunate to be one of the few seniors who already have a career path chosen, or so I thought. Have you ever made a decision or a goal for far off into the future? But, then maybe as the future becomes closer and closer to reality you’re not so sure anymore? And, you have to ask yourself “Is this really what I want or is this what I’ve been telling myself for the last five years?” You see, I made the decision to be a Physical Therapist so long ago that I wasn’t sure if I had just overlooked everything else because “my mind was made up”. This is exactly when I found the High School Summer Internship program at Tri-County.

2015 HS Summer Interns (Taylor is center, front row)

2015 HS Summer Interns (Taylor is center, front row)

The Summer Internship program is a two-month shadowing position where I was able to observe each of 13 different medical positions over the course of seven weeks. It was a blast! I got to see everything from stitches in a rural clinic to chemotherapy treatments on the main campus in Wadena. Then, the day came where I got to shadow the Rehab Department staff. I liked it so much they let me come back… TWICE! They had so much for me to learn and gave the best advice. This internship put my mind at ease and validated that yes; I indeed want to be a Physical Therapist.

I believe it was through these last seven weeks that I realized I wear a lot of different hats. I wear the hat of a daughter, a teammate, a captain, a leader and one day I plan to wear the hat of Taylor Shamp, Physical Therapist; where I can serve our community wearing the hat of a Tri-County Health Care Employee.

Taylor with her parents, and brother Cody

Taylor with her parents, and brother Cody.

Health Care Opportunities for Young People

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There are a handful of different opportunities at Tri-County Health Care for young people interested in health care.

One of them is the summer internship program. This program gives students the opportunity to shadow 14 different

2015 Summer Interns

2015 Summer Interns

departments throughout the organization. Students must have just completed their junior year of high school to participate. The internship program has been highly competitive with more than 25 students applying this year and only eight being chosen.

One of those students is 16 year-old Marissa Geyer, an incoming senior at Henning High School. She’s been a part of the Tri-County Health Care’s VolunTEEN program three times. “I’m hoping if I know for sure what aspect I like of the medical field, it will help me select the specific college I want,” said Marissa. Although she has not decided where she would like to go to college, she has narrowed it down to a select three.

Marissa Geyer

Marissa Geyer

When asked about her future career goals she shared, “When I was really young I wanted to be a pediatrician, but then my dad suffered a stress fracture. I went with him to his appointment and his doctor was talking about the scans he received to make his prognosis. Observing this conversation peaked my interest in radiology.”

Janet Wiedewitsch, TCHC Staffing Coordinator said, “It’s fun to see the student transition throughout the internship. Someone could come in wanting to go into radiology, but after the program decide they want to give pharmacy a try.”

If students are interested in learning more about this paid internship opportunity, or other internship and shadowing opportunities available at Tri-County, click here.

Janet says the best things these young people walk away with is, “learning that one department is not more important than another. They also see how our organization works as a team.”