Why You Should Make Your New Year’s Resolution Early

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By: Stacey Callahan, PT, DPT

Stacey & her family

Stacey & her family

The holiday season is here and with that comes a lot of joy and time spent with family. However, it also seems to bring a time that is so busy, stressful and money strained that we tend to not take care of ourselves as we try to make it through until the New Year. We think, at that point, we can start new resolutions and start taking care of ourselves because we’ll have more time, money, and energy.

Well, if we could take those stressors away, wouldn’t you start now? There are some simple ways to fit exercise into your week that will not break the bank or cause you to stress over extra time spent on working out. If you can simply fit 3 – 10 minute slots of exercise into your day, you can build strength, improve endurance, and feel healthier in general. Maybe get up 10 minutes early to do a few band exercises, walk 10 minutes at lunch, and then stretch for 10 minutes in the evening. Simple as that, 30 minutes have been spent exercising for the day!running

Exercise bands are fairly inexpensive and can be found at Wal-Mart or online on websites such as Amazon for as low as $5.50. See below for some great resistance band exercise’s that you can do right from home that can improve your posture, walking pattern and strength overall. Add this in with some walking and you will be on your way to better energy levels, feeling less stressed, and maybe keeping a few of those holiday pounds off! Strengthening exercises can be done every other day, so your body has some time to rest. Walking can be more often. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week.  Many of the local schools offer walking hours for free, which can be a great place to start during this wintery weather.

So why not get your body moving now so you can feel healthy and energized through the holidays? Let’s start those New Year’s Resolutions early this year!

About the Author: Stacey has been a Physical Therapist at Tri-County since 2013. Her husband Matt and her live in Verndale and keep busy with their 5-month-old baby boy Emmet. They enjoy hunting, fishing and spending time with family and friends.