A Mom’s ‘Why’ for Choosing Tri-County Health Care

It’s November 1, 2012 and I’m in the delivery room at Tri-County. Through this pregnancy (which is my first), I have developed a close, trusting relationship with my doctor, Bobbi Adams, M.D. That trusting relationship is truly a blessing, because as is the case with most first-time parents, my husband and I are extremely nervous during this life changing experience. My family is in the waiting room, my monitor is beeping, and its ‘go time.’

Suddenly, things change. Our baby’s heart rate has dipped and won’t come back up. I can sense that something needs to be done. Our doctor, however, is in full control saying that we need to get this baby out in 20 minutes. She tells us the facts (umbilical cord issues) and that we will have to do an emergency C-Section, but also assures us that everything is under control. In fact, she even asks if I want to see my mom and dad before the birth! I do, and with watery eyes, I hug my mom and dad while Dr. Adams says with full confidence “let’s go have a baby!”.


With two great doctors, wonderful nurses and a kind anesthesiologist, I’m in great hands and I know it. It’s a story that brought us a happy ending and a healthy baby boy. It was also the beginning of our happy family, celebrating our precious miracle which was guided by Dr. Adam’s expertise.

My name is Amber, and I am originally from Warroad, MN. After getting married to my husband, Derek Kern, in 2011, I moved to Wadena. When we became pregnant, it was important for us to find the right hospital for our family. From day one, I chose Tri-County and I’m so grateful that I did. The prenatal classes, the ReadyCare Clinic, and the convenience of doctoring local have all been a huge plus. But what stands out even more are the relationships I have developed at Tri-County. From the wonderful receptionists, to the compassionate nurses, PA’s, and doctors, everyone makes me feel like we are truly special. You are not just a number at Tri-County and I am so thankful for the feeling of being cared for with every phone call or appointment.


Derek and I are now incredibly blessed with two boys and one on the way! As a protective mother who wants the very best care for my family, I am thankful that I chose Tri-County Health Care.

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