Delivering Expert Care for the Whole Family

Family is a very important part of everyone’s lives. Whether it’s parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, or nieces and nephews, we always want the very best and for them to live happy and healthy lives. Tri-County Health Care’s newest provider takes delivering expert care for the whole family to a new level.

Delivering Expert Care for the Whole Family

Julie Meyer, M.D., a graduate of Perham High School, recently moved back to the area to be near her parents and siblings who live in New York Mills, Perham, and Ottertail. While one reason was to spend more time with her family; another was to meet a whole new one.

For Dr. Meyer, her patients become family. While she specializes in obstetrics, women’s health, and pediatrics, her expertise ranges from taking care of pregnant mothers and their babies, all the way to geriatric care.

A defining moment for her career in Family Medicine was the day she delivered a baby who happened to be a great grandchild of one of her other patients, who ended up passing away that same day. She went from delivering the baby to being by the bedside of the great grandmother as she passed away.

This is just one example of Dr. Meyer delivering expert care for the whole family, something she takes great pride in.

“What happens is I see a mother who is pregnant and deliver her baby, then provide care for the baby, and pretty soon I’m seeing the rest of the family, including her husband, sisters, mother, grandmother and father, aunts, and uncles,” Dr. Meyer said. “It really blossoms into a full spectrum of family care and that part is very fulfilling to me.”

Dr. Meyer comes to Tri-County Health Care after being a top family practice and obstetrics provider at Carris Health in Willmar for nearly two decades. In March, she was named a Top-5 finalist for the 2020 Family Physician of the Year by the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians.

At Tri-County Health Care, primary care providers plan to be there for their obstetric patients through every milestone. These include the planning stage, pregnancy, delivery, postnatal care, and beyond. Dr. Meyer puts a high value in being there for her patients through it all. It’s very rare for her to miss a delivery.

“I make it a high priority to come in for my own deliveries and my patients appreciate that,” Dr. Meyer said. “I chose to come to Tri-County Health Care because I have a passion for obstetrics and I look forward to providing high quality care to my patients.”

Another benefit of Dr. Meyer’s obstetrics experience is that she provides care on a wide range of health issues. For example, she is able to help her obstetric patients with issues including asthma, diabetes, gestational diabetes, blood clots, and hypertension, without needing to consult specialists. This saves time and reduces stress for expecting mothers.

Dr. Meyer is excited about her return to the area and looks forward to providing top notch care for patients. She is now accepting new patients. Please call 218-631-3510 and ask for an appointment with Dr. Meyer today!

Delivering Expert Care for the Whole Family

About Dr. Meyer:

Julie Meyer, M.D. graduated from Perham High School and completed medical school at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Meyer has always been interested in biology and even strongly considered veterinary medicine because of her love for animals. She ultimately chose family medicine because she enjoys talking to her patients and developing a strong connection. This is important to providing high quality patient care.

Dr. Meyer and her husband, Mark, have three sons and live on a hobby farm with 40 rabbits, 15 sheep, 3 cats, and 2 dogs. The farm helps fulfill her passion of caring for animals. She enjoys volunteering in 4-H and helping her youngest son compete at various rabbit shows around the state. Other interests include singing in the church choir, accompanying various groups on the piano and flute, playing volleyball, working in her flower gardens, and traveling to state parks.

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