6 Reasons to Use the MyChart App

With every passing year, more tasks are being completed online. Ordering food and paying your bill can now be done from the palm of your hand. If it’s that easy for those tasks, you should be able to take control of your health care in the same way. This is not only possible, but has never been easier, with the MyChart app. We compiled a list of 6 reasons to use the MyChart app.

Access Your Medical History

Reasons to use the MyChart app

MyChart is a secure and free online tool that connects patients electronically to portions of their medical record. Access to this health information is granted to users who have registered with their clinic or hospital. All users need is an internet connection and access to a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

With this service, you may view and track your medications, allergies, immunizations, and medical history.

Stay in touch with your Care Team

Communicating with your provider and clinic staff is as simple as sending an email. MyChart is secure so the information stays private and is documented in your medical record for future reference.

View Your Test Results

No more waiting by the phone to hear about results from lab and imaging tests. Instead, you are notified through email or text message right when your test results are accessible and ready to view in MyChart.

Manage Care for Your Loved Ones

We know caring for your loved ones is very important. With MyChart, you’re able to manage care for your

children or an elderly relative. You will have access to many of the same features as your own account to ensure they are getting the care they need.

Make a Payment

Save on time and the hassle of writing a check. Another one of the reasons to use the MyChart app is having the ability to make a payment easily right from your smartphone or computer.

Monitor and track your health

A useful feature is the ability to record daily health readings such as weight, glucose, or blood pressure. This helps you and your provider track chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, and congestive heart failure.

How do I sign up?

There are many more features to help take charge of your health using the MyChart app. Explore how you can utilize this service by signing up today. The easiest way to sign up for MyChart is to ask your provider about it at your next visit. We will take care of everything and ensure your account is ready to use.

You may also visit the MyChart Signup page to create an account.

Visit TCHC.org to learn more about MyChart, or call 218-631-3510 to schedule an appointment.

Reasons to use the MyChart app


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