Benefits of Having a Family Medicine Provider

Dr. Julie Meyer Tri-County Health Care patients benefits of having a family medicine provider Who do you call when you’re feeling sick, experiencing pain, or have a rash? For many people, it’s their family medicine provider. There are numerous benefits to choosing and staying with the same provider. Nicole Blasius began seeing Julie Meyer, M.D. when she was nine years old. She has personally experienced the benefits of having a Family Medicine provider.

Nicole has developed a great relationship with Dr. Meyer over the years. Through injuries, illness, and now caring for the whole family, the patient-provider relationship grew and blossomed. The value of having a trusted family medicine provider is so great that Nicole now drives over two hours to see Dr. Meyer for appointments.

“We love her commitment and dedication to us,” Nicole said. “She really pays attention to the details and takes the time to listen to our concerns and makes sure everything is taken care of.”

Family Medicine providers often care for the whole family. Finding and using the same provider can have great value. Here are a few of the benefits of having a Family Medicine provider.

Family Medicine providers offer a trusting relationship

When a provider sees a patient from prenatal care into adulthood, a long-lasting relationship is built. Family Medicine providers can treat a wide range of medical conditions. Therefore, they can be your primary care provider at any point in your life.

Dr. Meyer also specializes in obstetrics. That often means she cares for the mother and then cares for the baby after the birth. It’s about building a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

“It brings great satisfaction to me to see them grow, develop, and prosper,” Dr. Meyer said.

They learn you and your family’s history

Because Family Medicine providers treat a patient throughout their life, they have a high understanding of their medical history. This is valuable when making accurate diagnoses and monitoring changes in health screenings.

Family history can aid in:

  • Assessing the risk of certain diseases
  • Recommending changes in diet or other lifestyle habits
  • Recommending medications or treatments
  • Determining which diagnostic tests to order
  • Determining the type and frequency of screening tests
  • Identifying conditions that might not otherwise be considered
  • Identifying family members at risk of developing certain diseases
  • Assessing the risk of passing conditions on to your children

More than just an annual exam

Annual exams may help diagnose conditions, but the care from your Family Medicine provider doesn’t end there. One of the benefits of having a Family Medicine provider is having them to help navigate chronic medical issues like diabetes, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, and many more.

For example, Dr. Meyer has experience in treating a wide range of conditions with her pregnant patients. That can help save the patient time and stress by managing the issue at a regular appointment.

“I can help with those conditions and still take care of the patient, so they don’t have to spend time going to see a specialist,” Dr. Meyer said.

The numbers support seeing the same provider

Why is it important to have a primary care provider? Through routine check-ups, primary care can catch serious problems early in the process. As a result, adults in the U.S. who see a provider have 19 percent lower odds of premature death than those who only see specialists for their care.

Additionally, seeing your primary care provider can also save you money. One study showed people who have a provider save 33 percent on health care over their peers who only see specialists.

Ready to grow with your family

As Tri-County Health Care’s newest Family Medicine provider, Dr. Meyer is excited about providing care for patients in the area.

For Nicole, she’s relieved to be able to continue to see Dr. Meyer both in-person and through Video Visits. She plans to utilize a combination of the two services as her family continues to grow with Dr. Meyer.

“I loved growing up, having babies, and continuing our relationship with her support the whole way,” Nicole said. “She’s never put me in a situation where I felt uncomfortable and is always willing to listen and makes sure everything is addressed whether it’s in Wadena or on a Video Visit.”

Dr. Julie Meyer Tri-County Health Care Wadena Hospital Benefits of having a family medicine provider

About Dr. Meyer:

Julie Meyer, M.D. graduated from Perham High School and completed medical school at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Meyer has always been interested in biology and even strongly considered veterinary medicine because of her love for animals. She ultimately chose family medicine because she enjoys talking to her patients and developing a strong connection. This is important to providing high-quality patient care.

Dr. Meyer and her husband, Mark, have three sons and live on a hobby farm with 40 rabbits, 15 sheep, 3 cats, and 2 dogs. The farm helps fulfill her passion of caring for animals. She enjoys volunteering in 4-H and helping her youngest son compete at various rabbit shows around the state. Other interests include singing in the church choir, accompanying various groups on the piano and flute, playing volleyball, working in her flower gardens, and traveling to state parks.

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