New chiropractor! Brock Spandl joins the team

Brock Spandl, DC

Chiropractic care is growing fast! Hundreds of patients have found pain relief working with the talented Carissa Mitchell, DC. Her hands have helped over 300 people since joining the Tri-County family in June 2021. The high demand for chiropractic care led to the expansion of the service, which included Brock Spandl, DC joining the team.

Carissa Mitchell and Brock Spandl are chiropractors at Tri-County Health Care.


Dr. Spandl is a former athlete, having played soccer, hockey, and track while in high school. Running is a passion and that passion took him all the way to the University of Minnesota, where he competed in track and field. He was the freshman record holder in the heptathlon, 7-time top-3 finisher in the Big Ten conference, 2-time NCAA Division-I national qualifier and 1-time NCAA first-team All-American.

As an athlete, Dr. Spandl understands the physical conditioning the human body goes through to compete at a high level. He can speak the language of the sports and connect with athletes on a visceral level. He knows when they are at peak performance, and he knows when they need help. Dr. Spandl gained a great deal of his knowledge through firsthand experience.

“When I was younger, I suffered a significant lower back injury while competing in a Pole vault competition. Seeking treatment for that injury really inspired me to learn the innerworkings of the human body which led me to the world of chiropractic medicine”

The Staples community

Before joining Tri-County Health Care, Dr. Spandl did operate his own chiropractic office in Staples. Throughout the course of running his own practice, Dr. Spandl formed great relationships with the families and individuals of the Staples community. He hopes those people will come with him to receive care at Tri-County Health Care. A unique chiropractor like Dr. Spandl is hard to come by but he’s not really going anywhere, just moving to a bigger building.

A typical appointment

An initial appointment is a bit longer because Dr. Spandl needs to complete a basic examination. There is no set formula for how to treat a patient; each person is different and requires tailored treatment. According to Dr. Spandl, his most common appointment usually involves lower back or neck pain. He also helps with many headaches and radiculopathies. Dr. Spandl likes to keep his appointments concise so his patients can get back to doing what they love.

About Dr. Spandl

Brock Spandl, DC

After growing up in Moorhead, Dr. Spandl now resides in Staples with his wife, Missy. They have two children, Blair and Paxton. In his off time, he enjoys golfing, fishing and maintaining a healthy body. To schedule an appointment with a chiropractor, please call 218-631-3510 and follow Tri-County Health Care on social media for regular updates.

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