Astera Health and defining a brand

Tri-County Health Care is rebranding to Astera Health.

Astera Health is your trusted partner for life. Our commitment to community is unparalleled and that commitment will remain as our brand evolves. Our premiere goal is to foster an atmosphere of better living in the communities we serve. We do this by constantly innovating, and always putting health first.

Choosing starlight

Astera is a derivative of the Greek word for star. The creative minds behind the name change wanted something fresh and new, but also a name evocative of our location. Minnesota is the North Star State so images of constellations and outer space quickly dominated brainstorming sessions. After some debate, Astera Health emerged as the final choice. It exudes a certain permanence just as Tri-County Health Care does. It’s always been there, always guiding the way.

What defines us

Mission: Astera Health is committed to improving the health of the communities we serve.

Vision: Astera Health will be your trusted partner for life.

Every good organization needs some basic tenents of operation. Astera Health is structured from the ground up to be a foundational resource for the community. Its also a place of personal growth for its many employees. The pillars of Astera Health are:

  • Providing exceptional customer service
  • Building a culture of ownership
  • Adaptable financial stewardship
  • Active community involvement

A change in phases

A rebrand is a major undertaking. It isn’t as simple as just changing the name and printing some new business cards. To ensure a smooth transition, Tri-County Health Care will go through a brand evolution which will occur in phases.

Phase One: Tri-County Health Care is becoming Astera Health

We are in phase one right now. This initial phase of reorganization will form the groundwork for our new brand. In this phase, staff are identifying key areas of change and formulating plans for transition.

August 2021-July 2022

Phase two: Astera Health, formerly Tri-County Health Care

In this step, Astera Health will emerge. Most big changes will have already occurred. At this time, staff will be pushing toward the completion of our brand change. Many small tasks will still need to be addressed, so the Tri-County moniker will stick around for a little longer.

July 2022-March 2023

Phase three: Astera Health

The brand change is complete. Tri-County Health Care is officially Astera Health. The completion of the brand change coincides with the opening of the new facility which has a tentative opening date of Spring 2023.

Learning more

A virtual town hall for the general public will be on Aug. 31 at 2 p.m. the purpose of this meeting is to address questions and concerns regarding the rebrand. The town hall will be hosted on Microsoft Teams and can be accessed here: TCHC Rebrand Q & A

Feel free to submit questions to prior to the meeting.

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