Urology at Tri-County Health Care

We believe care should be close to home and Sheila Gemar, MD, embodies that approach to health. No one should have to travel hours to receive specialty care, especially for individuals experiencing sensitive urological issues. A urologist is a specialist that focuses on medical issues affecting the urinary system. They are typically visiting specialists that serve several health systems. Urology at Tri-County Health Care will now be even more convenient with her addition to the team.

Finding passion

Dr. Gemar comes to Tri-County Health Care with over two decades of experience in urology. For the majority of her career, she has been an asset to small communities and the people that make them special. As a young girl, she grew up in a rural town in South Dakota where her father worked in healthcare. Because of this, she spent most of her adolescence immersed in the care setting.

Early in her career, Dr. Gemar discovered her love for helping others while exploring surgical specialties. She encountered urological specialists that always seemed to love coming into work. Their love for the field would lead Dr. Gemar down a path of urological excellence.


“With an older population, you need to have a special place in your heart to care for these people.” – Dr. Sheila Gemar

Dr. Gemar is extremely passionate about caring for the elderly with most of her patients being older. In an interview, she went on to explain how someday we will all be old so it’s important to have compassion for the elderly now. Respect for them is respect for ourselves.

Urologists diagnose kidney stones, prostate issues, and various cancers. Dr. Gemar understands the sensitive nature of the medical issues her patients face and she wants everyone to understand the value of regular appointments. Its important to not put off care out of embarrassment or shame.

For more information about urology at Tri-County Health Care, please visit TCHC.org and make an appointment by calling 218-631-3510. Also, follow Tri-County Health Care on social media for regular updates.

About Sheila Gemar, MD

Dr. Gemar loves the outdoors and when she isn’t in the office, she can be found outside taking in everything Minnesota has to offer. Hiking, biking and water skiing are some of her favorite ways to get moving.


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