Knees and the green: Meet Missy

On a warm summer day, Missy threw her clubs over her shoulder and made her way to the course at Whitetail Run. Golf has always been her passion. It has been a part of her life since childhood. She even grew up across the street from the Whitetail Run golf course. Later in life, she would coach the sport for Wadena-Deer Creek High School. Unfortunately, life has a way of pulling us away from the activities that bring us joy. During a game of volleyball, she tore her ACL. Missy went through two ACL surgeries that resulted in severe arthritis. She could still play golf and exercise, but not without pain. Missy has a unique story and proof that knees and the green are a great match.

Surgery and recovery 

Missy is not the type to regress casually into inactivity. Her club belongs tightly gripped in hand, not collecting dust in a closet. Arthritis would not stop her, so she started looking for help. In her own community, she discovered Ben Robertson, MD. Guided by a myriad of glowing reviews, she took the leap and met with the orthopedic surgeon.  

Missy was immediately blown away by Dr. Robertson’s knowledge of the bones and muscles that make up the body. After a consultation, she decided to pursue surgical correction. All went as planned, but surgery was only half the battle. Then began the recovery period. According to Missy, a physical therapist, rehab is crucially important. Every day must be about healing to recover fully. 

Knees and the green!

Knees and the green! Missy golfs again.

After only seven weeks, Missy was playing golf again.

After only a few weeks of physical therapy, Missy made her way to the green. When asked if she had any advice for people in a similar situation, she simply replied, “Don’t wait.” A love for physical activity and a single consultation changed her life forever. 

Putting surgery off can limit or keep you from doing what you love. If you feel a shooting pain or your joints just aren’t what they used to be, maybe it’s time to think about meeting an orthopedic specialist. Tri-County Health Care has one of the most comprehensive orthopedic and sports medicine programs around. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Robertson, call 218-631-3510 or utilize our online scheduling option. Also, remember to follow Tri-County Health Care on social media. 

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