We cheer for volunteers: Ava Peterson

We cheer for volunteers! Meet Ava Peterson. This Wadena-Deer Creek senior has been volunteering in the Wadena Clinic and helping patients find their way through the building. Many patients have Ava to thank for an easy, carefree visit with their provider.

An interest and a duty

Ava’s passion for volunteering was sparked by a communitive services course at her high school. Through this course, she would be introduced to the volunteering program at Tri-County Health Care. After a month in, the 17-year-old can’t get enough. According to Peterson, she already had a healthy interest in the medical field and was exploring career options post-high school. This opportunity allowed her to experience working in a medical facility while giving back to the community she has called her home.

“I love the atmosphere.” – Ava Peterson, Tri-County Health Care volunteer

Legacy of care

Ava is no stranger to the medical profession. Many members of her family are nurses, including her mother, who sees patients in the orthopedics department in Wadena.

We cheer for volunteers

Ava Peterson

According to Ava, before her work at Tri-County, she struggled with being a little shy, but interacting with patients and staff daily is slowly helping her break out of her shell.

We cheer for volunteers like Ava and you!

Tri-County Health Care is searching for dedicated volunteers to assist in events, departmental activities, clinic operations, and much more. As Tri-County Health Care approaches the opening of the new building, staff will need extra helpers for training drills and wayfinding. Tri-County Health Care wants to extend a bridge to students like Ava. Serving as a volunteer at Tri-County Health Care is an excellent way to fulfill curriculum requirements that call for experience inside the walls of a medical facility.

Anyone can become a volunteer at Tri-County Health Care! For more information, please call or text Susan Marco. She will assist all prospective volunteers with finding a role and schedule that suits them. Volunteering doesn’t have to eat up hours of your time; even just 45 minutes to an hour can make a monumental difference in the lives of staff and patients.

Susan Marco
Provider Recruitment
D: 218-631-7593
C: 320-237-5310

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