Sebeka Clinic: My first impression

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Working in a rural community is a unique experience. You get a real sense of the people and the bonds they form with others. Handshakes are firmer, smiles are brighter, and conversations never seem to be forced. I love the Sebeka Clinic and my work family, so I felt like sharing my thoughts on the initial few months of working at Tri-County Health Care.

The Sebeka Clinic has been a fixture in the small community for years.

The perfect fit

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started. I was a little cautious because when you work in a rural clinic, sometimes the resources you have at your fingertips are different than working in a larger clinic. Rural health care is critical. In some areas, people simply don’t have access to solid medical health. Luckily that isn’t the case in Sebeka.

After the first week, I came to the conclusion that I absolutely loved it here. We are located close to large population centers, so higher levels of care are just down the road. The flow and feel are just different in the rural satellite clinics and it just works for me!  I also grew up in northern Minnesota, so I’m no stranger to rural life.

Talent and teamwork

It’s true that some days can be challenging, especially during a pandemic, but I genuinely believe the team I work with makes every challenge more manageable. We have the best staff and we all work so well together. The atmosphere of teamwork at Tri-County Health Care makes the day fly by smoothly. We all balance each other out because, ultimately, we are here to provide quality patient-centered care.

Joining the team

Tri-County Health Care is an amazing place to work. Right now, we have a wide range of openings across several departments. This is an excellent opportunity to join a team that feels like family. Check out the careers page and see if we have an opening for you. This video is a little old, but I thought it was a nice portrait of the surrounding community. Please enjoy!

Alyssa Jackson is often the only primary care provider at the Sebeka Clinic

Alyssa Jackson, APRN, FNP

About the guest author: Alyssa Jackson, APRN, FNP

Alyssa Jackson is a nurse practitioner at the Sebeka Clinic with experience in hospice, palliative and primary care. She places a high value on administering care tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Alyssa loves animals, so when she isn’t at the Sebeka Clinic, she can be found riding horses, chasing chickens, and playing with her five dogs.

Alyssa Jackson joins the Sebeka team

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Alyssa Jackson, FNP

Just a few miles outside of Wadena, where the wilds of Minnesota dominate the landscape, Alyssa Jackson, FNP, is chasing chickens and riding horses. Alyssa is the newest provider at the Sebeka Clinic and she is determined to bring a down-to-earth style of care to the rural clinic.

Alyssa grew up in Lancaster, a small community in northwestern Minnesota. She is no stranger to rural communities and the hardworking people that make up their unshakable foundations. She wants to help those people live healthier and fuller lives.

“I grew up in a really small town in northern Minnesota and have always felt drawn to rural health. I enjoy the relationships that I am able to establish with my patients and families and feel that rural healthcare just has a different feel.”


Prior to finding her home at Tri-County Health Care, Alyssa worked as a registered nurse for six years in a wide range of positions. She has experience in long-term care, surgical nursing and the emergency department. As a nurse practitioner, she has spent time in hospice, palliative, and primary care.

Alyssa lives on a small farm with a herd of animals. She has a passion for the outdoors and enjoying everything Minnesota has to offer. When she isn’t practicing medicine, Alyssa spends time with her dogs and horses, Merit and Belle. She competes in barrel racing throughout Minnesota.

“Growing up, my dad always had a horse, and he had me riding since before I could even walk. Once I started, I was just hooked. My mom bought me a pony when I was about 11 and he is what piqued my interest in showing horses,” said Alyssa. Animals have always been a huge part of her life and she loves to compete! “I grew up competing at the local county fair in 4-H and the local fun shows. I got more into barrel racing after I graduated high school and have been competing ever since.”

Schedule todayAlyssa Jackson looks forward to caring for patients in the Sebeka area.

Alyssa started at the Sebeka Clinic in early July. Please call 218-631-3510 to schedule an appointment and follow Tri-County Health Care on social media for regular updates.

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