Understanding your bill: Our top five tips

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Challenge yourself to make healthcare less of a chore in 2022. The world of insurance claims may seem painfully boring but being aware of the process can make visits to the clinic less of a headache. So here are our top five tips for understanding your bill.

  1. Insurance

The billing department’s issues usually stem from insurance confusion. There are many insurance plans with different levels of coverage and individual deductibles. Getting to your appointment and dealing with the bill goes much smoother when the patient understands their basic coverage. Additionally, billing specialists at Tri-County Health Care highly recommend meeting with an HR professional at your place of employment or simply visiting your insurance’s website. Plan information should be accessible by making an account.

  1. Deductibles

Deductibles are a pivotal point of most insurance plans. A deductible refers to the out-of-pocket expense the policyholder is responsible for paying before the insurance company will provide payment assistance. Many billing issues start with the deductible. Deductible information is found on your insurance information or accessed via a website account.

Watch this video for more information about deductibles and payment.

  1. Timelines

Unfortunately, most things in life take some time, including insurance claims. Many insurance companies require up to 14 days of processing time. Anticipate this while seeking care or the bill.

  1. The value of approval

Avoid the disappointment of insurance denial and consider getting preapproved by your insurance company. No claim gains guaranteed approval, so calling ahead is effective. There are certain loopholes insurance companies will use to avoid paying out, so if you find yourself in a unique situation, it never hurts to ask first.

  1. Limitations of occupation

It’s important to understand that nurses and doctors focus on healing, not necessarily your bill. From sheer proximity, these individuals do have a good working knowledge of insurance and billing but ultimately that is not their job. At Tri-County Health Care, the claims and billing department works extensively with providers on coverage information from patient to patient. We do this so the patient can receive the best possible care without breaking the bank.

Bonus Tip: keep your insurance card handyAn insurance card is a very important part of receiving care efficiently.

Many insurance and billing issues can be avoided by simply keeping an up-to-date insurance card handy. This sounds easy enough but thousands continue to lose track of this essential piece of plastic. This card allows patient access representatives to help you more efficiently throughout your visit. An insurance card provides the easiest and quickest way to detect plan changes.

Tri-County Health Care has several teams ready to help with any billing or claims needs if you have questions that you can’t find online, feel free to call us at 218-631-3510.