Baby booties and donations

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During a delivery, parents have a million things swirling through their minds. Some are excited, some are scared, and some wonder if they’ll be good parents. In these moments, a little kindness often eases those nerves. Tri-County Health Care and its team of obstetric professionals go above and beyond to ensure the comfort of families during life’s most stressful and beautiful moment, childbirth. Something as simple as baby booties for a newborn can turn anxiety into joy.

Various baby booties.

Many know of the adrenaline rush of childbirth and the fears it can bring. This rush prompts many to make goodwill donations. In early January, the obstetrics department received a rather knitted surprise. Gail Vittetoe, with the help of Shaneen Schmidt, M.D., donated an entire bin filled with handmade baby booties. It’s apparent a skilled crafter took the time to create each individual pair with an artist’s flair.

“I was so surprised to see all the booties! They are so cute and I know expecting mothers will love to see their little ones wearing them. Some of them even have little skates,” remarked Sarah Riedel, OB supervisor. She and her team are very excited to distribute the booties.The baby booties came in several different colors.

There are several different colors and patterns of booties. Some designs look like skates, while others have large shoelaces like plumes. The donation included over a dozen pairs of booties.

How to donate

If you have a similar donation and are wondering how to get it to parents, please contact Sarah at 218-632-8741. She is always looking for simple and sweet items to give to parents on their special day.  Blankets, toys, mittens, baby booties, and clothing are frequently donated to Sarah and her team. Please refrain from donating large or used items. If you have perishable items or diapers, please donate them to the Lakes Area Pregnancy Center so they can be efficiently distributed to those who need them.

Tri-County Health Care would again like to thank Gail and her family for such a gracious donation.