Juvenile Arthritis Month: Donate today!

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An unfortunate side effect of old age is arthritis or a stiffening of the joints. Pain can range from mild problems to chronic pain. Often, young people look on with sympathy but breathe a sigh of relief, glad they won’t have to experience that pain until later in life. What if you had to deal with that pain as a child? Do you think you would be the same person? Every day thousands of children wake up to swollen joints and pain, unable to play, participate in sports, and do all the things kids love to do. July is a time to remember that pain and intensify the search for a cure for juvenile arthritis.

Signs and symptoms

According to the Arthritis National Research Foundation, 300,000 children have arthritis in the United States. The ANRF is urging parents to educate themselves on the disease and spread awareness. Additionally, it’s also important to be mindful of the signs and symptoms. Parents should look for:

  • Difficulty with daily activitiesParents should be on the lookout for typical juvenile arthritis symptoms.
  • Abnormal Joint pain
  • Swelling
  • Fever
  • Stiffness
  • Rash
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Red eyes


Juvenile arthritis is an autoimmune disease affecting children from 6 months to 18 years of age. An autoimmune disease refers to an illness generated from the body’s own immune system attacking itself. This is the main distinction between juvenile arthritis and more commonly knows forms of the disease. Symptoms and pain are carried into young adulthood.

Donate today!

Tri-County Health Care is equipped with providers that can help with this unique condition. Tri-County Health Care has several staff members trained in pediatric medicine and an orthopedic department that regularly treats arthritic conditions. Additionally, ANRF is always in need of donations to help in the fight against juvenile arthritis. To donate, visit https://curearthritis.org/donation/. These donations fund research and treatment methods.

Honesty and Healthcare: A letter from Joanne Flom

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Going to the hospital or clinic can be anxiety-inducing, especially as we get older. The knees start to get a little sore, our bones creak and crack, things just don’t work as well as they used to. This realization keeps many from visiting the doctor’s office. However, old age didn’t stop Joanne Flom from seeking help. She looks for honesty and good care and she found it close to home.

Knee pain is a common issue faced by many seniors

Royal treatment

Joanne is 81 and frequently experiences issues associated with old age. Many seniors simply learn to live with medical issues and chronic pain, but not Joanne, she doesn’t need to. She found Ben Robertson, M.D. who has played a pivotal role in her health and wellbeing.

Dr. Robertson is an orthopedic surgeon with Tri Orthopedics and is well known across the region for his expertise in everything involving muscles, joints and bones. During a presentation by Dr. Robertson, he suggested Joanne try a new kind of shoes to help with the pain. It was a simple solution but it turned out to be a pain-relieving miracle. Ever since then, she has met with Dr. Robertson for her all her orthopedic needs.

In a special letter sent to Tri-County Health Care, Joanne expressed her gratitude for all staff members involved in her recent appointment.

“This is the second time I’ve come to Wadena to see him. My treatment yesterday was perfect. I had to wait several days to see him but when the day finally arrived, I was treated like a queen.”

No more pain

Joanne had been suffering from some fairly intense knee pain. After her arrival, it was evident that she was struggling to make her way to the entrance of the clinic. Joanne was swiftly assisted by a patient escort. He got her a wheelchair and made polite conversation all the way to her appointment.

The appointment went swimmingly. Dr. Robertson and his staff politely conducted the examination with poise and speed. After examining her knees and x-rays, Joanne received two shots and was on her way.

Within a day, Joanne’s swollen knees were feeling much better. She had been in so much pain that she was unable to sleep. One of her knees was so inflamed that it had swollen several inches. After her consultation and injections, the swelling was gone and she slept ten hours straight!

Legacy of great care

“I would recommend your staff to anyone in need, I’ve had a good number of dealings with your staff. Other members of my family have had good experiences. They were all handled perfectly. The honesty is wonderful and the care is good,” Joanne explained in her letter. To Joanne, honesty is the most important aspect of care.

Dr. Robertson and his staff really enjoy helping seniors

Joanne has a storied history with Tri-County Health Care. Every family member that has passed through the clinic or hospital has recognized the top-notch focused care. Her father had been hospitalized for two months and she recalled him also feeling like royalty throughout his stay.

Joanne wanted to spread her message far and wide about Tri-County Health Care. She ended her letter by simply thanking Dr. Robertson and all members of staff for making her visit extra special.

Whether you’re feeling day-to-day aches and pains or experience serious issues, the Tri Orthopedics team is available to serve you. Please call 218-631-3510 to schedule an appointment.