How I hire with Melissa Putikka

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Do you need a change? Do you need a new challenge? Tri-County Health Care is looking for gifted professionals! In the coming months, we’ll be moving into a new building, and it would be great to fill that building with people passionate about healthcare. In the meantime, I’ll share some fine details about how I hire.

Melissa’s take

We’re finally emerging from pandemic-era conditions, and I’m super excited about things returning to normal. Pandemic or not, healthcare as an industry needs a constant flux of new ideas, new life-saving techniques, and new talent. We’re hiring at Tri-County Health Care, and I would like this opportunity to speak directly to my pool of potential candidates.

I’m writing this now with a slew of resumes in my inbox. I’ve pulled a couple off the top and have been surprisingly impressed and tepidly disappointed. There are highly qualified individuals with cover letters rife with spelling errors and underqualified candidates with resumes crafted with near-laser precision. The psychology of resume writing is fascinating to me and often a reflection of the person behind the text processor. It’s a window into your personality.

We must remember that this is a hospital and high attention to detail isn’t just important; it’s vital to our success. People may say I should let up a bit and forgive the occasional resume faux pas, but I can’t. The nature of our work always comes rushing back to me. I suddenly remember this person is going to be caring for others. If proofreading is too much for them, then surely they can’t handle an operating room or the back of an ambulance.

Hiring with a modern touch

I take pride in our hiring practices and how I hire is unique. I know what it’s like to be filtered through the machine and have my years of hard-earned education and experience broken down into binary code in a piece of software. This is why we do things a little differently. It starts with a resume, but it ends with the person. We never forget the person. That’s why if chosen for an interview, you’re not subjected to a stuffy corporate board picking apart your life with invasive questions. We want to get to know you; we want to find who the person is behind the qualifications and shiny pieces of paper.

A person can be highly qualified for a job but not a good culture fit. Ultimately, when I’m in an interview, I want to engage with the person in a non-intimidating way, I pretend this person might be occupying an office just down the hall from me. Do I want that? Will they be someone I want to interact with every single day? The interview is the moment for me to answer those questions.

And please, just as a general piece of advice, don’t complain about current or past employers. We don’t like these types of conversations because it tells us about their values and characteristics. Furthermore, It concerns me they will add a negative touch to the organization versus a positive one and likely won’t fit with our culture of ownership. How I hire is very culture-centric, and I believe every organization should employ similar tactics.

Melissa Putikka: How I hire

Melissa Putikka

How I hire and how I grow

Tri-County Health Care is a special place. You’re not a cog in the machine; you’re a unique driver of innovation within your role. We are all about growth! We want to grow and to do that, we need you to succeed. Employees must feel like they are refining their knowledge while contributing to an overwhelming force of good. Upon hiring, managers will find ways to add value to your already vast repertoire of skills.

Right now, Tri-County Health Care is trying to fill crucial medical positions in nursing and emergency medical services. If you’re interested in a role at Tri-County health, visit our careers page.

Meet Shana Pazdernik-Hensch, PA-C

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Meet Shana Pazdernik-Hensch, PA-C! Shana will see patients in ReadyCare at Tri-County Health Care starting in September.

Shana completed her undergraduate studies at Bemidji State University and the University of South Dakota. She then went on to attend medical school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Shana recently graduated, and this will be her first position as a physician’s assistant.

Lifelong learning

Shana brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the clinic. She has been an emergency medical technician for 23 years. Before accepting her new role, she was working as a high school science teacher. Her love for the ever-changing medical field has drawn her to a new chapter in her life at Tri-County Health Care.

“I decided to take the leap to PA school, which I dreamed about doing for many years.” – Shana Pazdernik, PA-C

Life outside of work

Tri-County Health Care isn’t exactly new to Shana. She used to be an emergency room technician and orthopedic scribe at Tri-County. Additionally, she completed several rotations at Tri-County as a student.


Shana Pazdernik-Hensch

Shana loves the outdoors! When she isn’t caring for others, she is taking on everything Minnesota has to offer. Running, biking, swimming, and kayaking are just some of the activities she fills her time with. Shana is married and has three kids.

Join the team and grow with us!

Thanks for taking the time to meet Shana! Tri-County Health Care is always looking for new and innovative professionals to join the team. Please check out the careers page for a list of new openings. Tri-County Health Care is one of the top employers in the region and offers an excellent compensation package in addition to providing a workplace that always puts people first.

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