PeriWatch Vigilance: Keep an eye on baby!

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Technology and medical care go hand in hand. The obstetrics department is no different. Bringing new life into the world is facilitated by skilled staff and high-end equipment. Those staff members need a way to harness the full potential of information technology so they can observe babies from anywhere! In June 2022, Tri-County Health Care will begin using PeriWatch Vigilance, an automated early warning system and support tool.

Continuous observation

This new technology is all about helping staff keep a closer eye on the babies they’re monitoring. Additionally, the software allows nurses to better cross observe each other’s patients and view fetal monitoring strips from anywhere. Furthermore, by using artificial intelligence and constant analysis, medical staff can be immediately notified of an issue with a baby. Now an OB provider can provide feedback and monitoring for a newborn in a completely different area of the facility.

The early detection system relies on color-coding. When the software detects an abnormality, information displays in orange. This color change prompts nurses and doctors to be on high alert. If the color changes to red, something is wrong, and the baby could be in danger.

Thoughts from Sarah

Obstetrics Supervisor Sarah Riedel was excited to demo the new PeriWatch system. She and her team are always on the lookout for ways to provide an even safer care environment. To them, the early detection system seemed to be a great way to always keep an eye on the babies, even from a distance! “It will be safer for babies. We can intervene quicker if we are aware of the problem,” explained Sarah. She predicts the PeriWatch system will be fully operational in early June 2022.

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Watch the video below for more background information on PeriWatch Vigilance.