Meet the surgical staff: Stacy White and Amanda Kimber

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Meet the surgical staff! Amanda and Stacy love helping people in surgery.

Each person plays a pivotal role in the success of an organization, which is especially true in a hospital setting. In the surgery department, everyone needs to be at their best. All too often, the support technicians and nurses fade into the background. Recognizing the people that support surgery makes you appreciate every aspect of the care you receive at Tri-County Health Care. This blog helps you meet a couple of surgical staff members that make our operating room such an efficient place.

Meet the surgical staff: Stacy White, Registered NurseMeet the surgical staff-Stacy White

Stacy has been a nurse for 20 years and loves rural health care. She is responsible for a wide range of tasks, from patient education to recovery. Stacy is a busy lady and can often be seen making her rounds in the hospital tending to patients. Her primary duty is being a patient advocate. She places a high value on patient safety and wants patients to be informed about all aspects of care before going back to surgery.

Recently, she was a part of the 500th joint replacement and was ecstatic to share in the achievement. Stacy has been a part of every surgical milestone with the orthopedic team.

“I love the small rural hospital setting! I really enjoy taking care of patients and their families and being a familiar face. It’s nice to provide care to members of the community I live in.” – Stacy White

Meet the surgical staff-Amanda KimberMeet the surgical staff: Amanda Kimber, Surgical Technologist

Amanda has been a surgical technologist at Tri-County Health Care for 12 years. As a surgical technologist, she plays an important role often overlooked when discussing surgery. Her responsibilities include ensuring the surgeon has the correct instruments and tools for the procedure. During an operation, she hands off tools to the surgeon while maintaining a sterile workspace.

“I absolutely love working with the team, they are awesome!” – Amanda Kimber

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