Taking the confusion out of nutrition

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By Emily Bitter, Registered Dietitian


In a society where there are so many different messages about food and nutrition, it is easy to get confused and frustrated. We see TV commercials, read internet articles, or talk to friends who are doing the latest fad diet. This can make it confusing to know how to make healthy choices and what is best for your own body.

A green apple, scale and tape measure highlighting the importance of good nutrition. This mix of information spurred the creation of a new Tri-County Health Care support group called Change Your Weighs. Emily Bitter, registered dietitian, and Pam Doebbeling, registered nurse, host the group every other month at the Maslowski Wellness and Research Center. It meets from noon to 1 p.m. on the last Tuesday of that month.

The purpose of the Change Your Weighs support group is to help clarify misinformation related to diet and nutrition and provide a safe environment for participants to learn and ask questions related to nutrition, weight loss, physical activity, grocery shopping, etc.

The class offers a variety of resources and information for those who are pre-diabetic, diabetic, those wanting to lose weight, or simply want to learn more about nutrition. So far, topics we have discussed include goal setting for a healthy weight, how to handle the holidays, the importance of physical activity, and the most recent topic was about reading and understanding nutrition facts labels to make more informed and healthy choices when shopping!

From our recent support group in March, talking about nutrition facts labels, one participant stated that it was “very helpful. It makes me more aware of what to look for.” Another participant said, “I enjoyed the meeting, and I plan to come again!”A woman sits at a table with nutrition binder while she fills out a paper form.

We are excited to continue hosting the support group every other month.

Our next support group will meet Tuesday, May 21. The topic will focus on how to manage stress for a healthy lifestyle. Please come for a fun discussion and bring any diet- or nutrition-related questions you may have!

Because the support group meets over the lunch hour, participants are welcome to bring their lunch. Light refreshments are also provided. Participants are not required to stay the entire hour as we know individuals who work may have a shorter break.

If you have any questions or ideas for future topics, please contact me at emily.bitter@tchc.org.


photo of Emily Bitter, Dietitian, standing with her arms around her husband, while they both smile and look at the camera.About the Author: Emily is a registered dietitian at Tri-County Health Care. She and her husband moved to the Brainerd Lakes Area about a year ago from Grand Forks, North Dakota, where they attended school. She loves almost anything that involves being outside. During the summer months, she especially loves playing golf, biking, walking, fishing or playing pickleball. In the winter, she enjoys ice fishing or skating. She also enjoys developing delicious and healthy recipes to bake or cook!