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Astera Health 2023:
Imagine. Build. Transform.

As the world of health care evolves, Tri-County Health Care continues our devotion to excellence and creating healthier lives for everyone in our community. We are embarking on an exciting transformational journey to create a new $72 million, 125,900 square-foot facility. The design will integrate new technology, create a healthy environment that improves the patient experience and efficiency for staff, and ensure a sustainable future for health care in our area.

Improving The Health Of The Communities We Serve

Time-lapse images from Greenwood Ave facing west

Time-lapse images from HWY-10 facing north

Ideal Patient Experience

Our mission of improving the health of the communities we serve means our focus is on our patients and the community. The vision for this investment is to promote healing for patients and families while introducing new resources in a more private and efficient setting.

Learn about all the Features & Improvements


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Behind the Barricade - Episode 1 - Intro

Introducing.. Behind the Barricade! This new video series provides you with all the latest updates right on the construction site of our future home! Stay tuned for more episodes.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 2 - Connecting the new facility

This episode explains the new extension of Greenwood Ave. that will be a supply line for supplies, food and staff at the new facility. The new water system and new utilities are also beginning to be installed.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 3: Preparing the foundation

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, we take you through the planning for the concrete and foundation of our new building. Cement trucks will be pouring in the coming weeks and the facility will really begin to take shape!

Behind the Barricade - Episode 4: Pouring the concrete foundation

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, we show the very first concrete being poured for the project. This concrete is the foundation for our future building and we're proud to partner with a local business for this portion of the project!

Behind the Barricade: BONUS EPISODE - The importance of concrete spread pads

In this bonus episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan explains the importance of concrete spread pads for holding up the structure of the new building.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 5: The first steel beams are installed!

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Joel Beiswenger, President & CEO explains the process of installing the steel infrastructure and provides updates on concrete and other items of the project.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 6: Installing the wall panels

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan explains the purpose of the bright green wall panels that have been installed on the new building.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 7: The roof insulation is here!

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan explains the big piles of white blocks that were recently delivered to the building site.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 8: Fireproofing

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan explains how the crew fireproofs the building. This process is something most people don't see!

Behind the Barricade - Episode 9: Electrical and sewer pipes

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan explains all the different pipes being installed throughout the building site.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 10: Finishing the foundation

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan walks us through how the crew is completing the foundation and why that's an important step before winter arrives.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 11: The beautiful bricks!

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan looks at one of the most visual aspects of the new building - the exterior bricks! Take a look at the two different colored bricks and learn how they are being installed.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 12: Installing the steel structure

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan explains the crew's progress with the steel structure. Getting the steel up will help prepare them for working on the inside of the structure this winter!

Behind the Barricade - Episode 13: Celebrating another milestone

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, we hit a milestone as the "topping off" ceremonial final beam is installed.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 14: A beacon in the night

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan explains both the utility and visual aspects of our overhanging canopy in front of the new clinic.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 15: An elevated look at the project

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan heads up to the roof to explain what the crew has been up to getting everything prepped and sealed before the project moves to the interior work during the cold winter months.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 16: Pouring the interior concrete slabs

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan takes us inside and explains the process for pouring the cement slabs and why some areas need thicker bases for the new building.

Behind the Barricade - Episode 17: Interior walls and Virtual Design & Construction

This week's episode of Behind the Barricade is one of our most exciting ones yet! Ryan walks us through the construction of our interior walls as the interior starts to come together. He also explains a fascinating process where all the contractors come together to use Virtual Design & Construction software to make sure the various pipes and electrical fit together efficiently!

Behind the Barricade: Episode 18 - Looking at the big beautiful windows

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan explains how the window frames and windows are installed at the new facility.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 19 - The appealing front façade

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan talks about the beautiful brick on the front facade that will greet all future patients at the new healthcare facility.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 20 - Hanging sheetrock

In the 20th episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan takes us inside the facility to explain the process of hanging sheetrock.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 21 - Inside the operating room

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan gives us a sneak peek of one of the operating rooms at the new facility.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 22 - Preparing for the future

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan discusses how we're already preparing for a future expansion while we're in the middle of the current project.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 23 - Steps to finishing the walls

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan explains the steps that ensure walls are finished and safe for patients and staff in the hospital and clinic.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 24 - The new café (New name reveal!)

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan announces the new cafe's name and shares a fun fact about the construction.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 25 - Insulating the Clinic Walls

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan takes us to the clinic space, where insulation is being installed to damper sounds to maximize patient privacy in the new facility.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 26 - OB Recovery Rooms

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, we get a sneak peek of the new OB recovery rooms. See what mom, dad, and new babies get to look forward to at the new facility!

Behind the Barricade: Episode 27 - The New Helipad

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan explains the process for installing the helipad at the new facility and why it's made the way it is.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 28 - Inside the Operating Room

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, the operating rooms are progressing! Ryan explains how the flooring, ceiling, and HVAC setup ensures our surgical team works optimally.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 29 - Luxury Birthing Suites

If you're planning to have a baby next spring, you'll want to watch this episode of Behind the Barricade! Ryan is joined by Shaneen Schmidt, MD. As one of our expert OB providers, Dr. Schmidt explains why new parents should be excited about the special new rooms and options at the facility!

Behind the Barricade: Episode 30 - Patient and Staff Parking Lots

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan shows us the new asphalt laid as we prepare for the grand opening next spring.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 32 - Efficient cabinetry

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan takes us to an exam room where cabinets have been installed. Staff provided input to ensure maximum efficiency during the patient visit.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 33 - Laying the new flooring

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan shows off the new durable vinyl flooring laid down and explains its importance.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 34 - The new clinic layout

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan takes us into the clinic space, where he explains the onstage-offstage concept and how it's beneficial and efficient for both patients and staff.

Behind the Barricade: Episode 35 - The new kitchen space

In this episode of Behind the Barricade, Ryan provides an inside peek into the new kitchen space.

Multimedia Carousel

Final Bricklaying at the NEW Astera Health Facility

Tri-County Health Care, soon to be Astera Health, held a final bricklaying ceremony at the site of its future campus on August 24, 2022. Four staff members were selected at random to place the final four bricks for the facility set to open in Spring of 2023.

The Future of Health Care

President and CEO, Joel Beiswenger recapped what has gone into planning for the project and what this building means for the communities for many years to come.

Imagine. Build. Transform. Groundbreaking Ceremony 2021

Tri-County Health Care hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on May 21, 2021 to commemorate the start of construction for our health care center of the future. The event featured several guest speakers from Tri-County plus local and state political representatives.

Virtual Tour

This virtual fly-through/tour shows a rendering of what the new facility will look like.


Welcome to Astera Health

We are excited to announce that Tri-County Health Care is transitioning to Astera Health in 2023. With our new building opening in 2023, the timing is right for Tri-County to make this name change for many reasons.

  • Tri-County Health Care is still regularly misused/misquoted as Tri-County Hospital. We are not only a hospital; we are developing the rural health center of the future.
  • Our current and prospective patient base is broader than our three-county area.
  • Tri-County is used by others in the area (Tri-County Livestock, Tri-County Equipment, etc.). It is not a unique brand nor specific to our healthcare purpose.
  • We have done this before when our last facility was built in 1974. The Wesley Hospital was opened in 1925 by the Methodist Church. The Board elected to change the name from Wesley to Tri-County Hospital in 1974 for the same reasons we have today

We are proud to be a strong, independent health system and our new name also reflects this.

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Our new name revealed...

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Groundbreaking 2021

Read more about the 2021 groundbreaking ceremony, local contractors, and Tri-County Health Care's past, present and future!

Questions From The Community

Q: Will this project increase my taxes?
A: Tri-County does not have the ability to impose or control local taxes. The cost to extend utilities will be paid by Tri-County and is estimated at $3.2 million. Tri-County has also purchased the land directly. It is also important to note the substantial increase in taxes that will be paid by Tri-County. The current property taxes on the Highway 10 land are $2,000 per year. The property taxes paid by Tri-County once the building is built will be estimated to be over $400,000 per year. This will result in a huge benefit to taxpayers!

Additionally, any roadway changes on HWY-10 and 11th St. NW are being paid for with a combination of a state bonding bill and MnDOT grant, with any additional costs being provided by Tri-County. Anticipated improvements on Greenwood Ave are being funded by MnDOT county/state aide highway funding.

Q: Will this new modern building increase my cost of healthcare?
A: Tri-County does not charge for healthcare based on the facility. In fact, any changes in rates are based on what the insurance plans will pay us. Since we will have expanded services, there may be care that a patient’s plan covers at a different rate, but that is up to the medical plan that people are under.

Q: What will happen to current buildings?
A: We expect to use approximately 30,000 square feet of our existing space. Much of our non-clinical staff will remain in the current building to continue to utilize the space. There has been a lot of work done in the Wesley building with a new elevator and heating and cooling system, which sets it up for a bright future. We are working with economic development groups to repurpose the Wesley building and the current rehabilitation building. There is no intention of tearing anything down or abandoning these structures.

Additionally, due to COVID-19, our staff have adapted to a virtual world. This change has allowed our organization to become adept at working together even when some staff members are at different Tri-County locations or at home.

Q: Will there be an increase in operating costs while maintaining the buildings on the old site?
A: We have analyzed the data, and overall operational costs are expected to rise. However, our goal is to centralize our staff in portions of the current building to maximize efficiency. Each area in the facility has its own heating and cooling systems, so we will have the ability to focus on staffed portions while maintaining vacant areas.

Q: How will this project be financed?
A: Most of the project will be financed through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and its rural development office. This is projected to be about two-thirds of the financing, and TCHC has developed a good working relationship with the USDA having completed a dozen projects with them over the last 20 years. Supplemental financing will be done through a consortium of banks. Additionally, the Tri-County Health Care Foundation has set a philanthropy goal of $3 million to help complete the financing need for the new facility.

Q: Why is the helipad not located on the roof?
A: The new health care facility’s 125,900 square feet will all be located on one level. Having the helipad located on the roof presents several structural and financial challenges. It would require the structure to be built to support more weight, an elevator to be installed and a catch basin to avoid fuel spills. In addition, if a helicopter has mechanical issues, it would require a crane to be removed from the building.

Q: What is the reasoning behind the current design?
A: We have employed a design firm with deep experience in our industry and building design in general. More natural light and views of the outdoors will provide a healing and positive environment for patients and employees. The interior is highly efficient.

Additionally, the new facility will be much easier to traverse. We are using a design concept called onstage/ offstage which provides much greater separation of patient space from staff space. This layout is a big part of enhancing privacy while creating a calm and healing atmosphere for the new building.

Q: What can I do to support our community in this modernization effort?
A: TCHC would be pleased to accept donations of any dollar amount. Visit our Foundation page to learn more about donating. We also appreciate everyone voicing your support to local officials.

Q: Has the project increased in cost after the one-year delay?
A: Costs of materials are expected to be higher than originally anticipated due to inflation for items like general lumber, steel support and drywall. However, the cost of labor went down to offset much of those increases. The overall cost of the project remains approximately the same amount despite the delay.

Q: Is there a storm shelter? Will patients be safe during a tornado or high winds?
A: It is true that we are building a single-story building without a lower level but the structure of the building is steel and masonry so it is inherently safe. Precautions built into the structure will make it a suitable storm shelter when needed. We do have interior rooms without windows that patients and staff can use during storm events.

Q: Will wetlands in the area be affected?
A: Approximately 30 percent of our 76 acres are identified as wetlands. Approximately 4.1 acres of wetlands had to be impacted with the construction of the new building. We have partnered with Soil & Water Conservation departments and other local, state and federal agencies to meet all mitigation requirements. We did this to provide the best possible solution for preserving the natural landscape. Using the wetland credit bank process, we have provided funding to support the replacement of these wetlands in other areas.

Q: Why have so many trees been removed?
A: We tried very hard to only remove enough trees to facilitate the project. The building site has been identified as a habitat for a protected bat species. We have followed advice from environmental agencies to ensure that we are not negatively impacting the bats’ migration and nesting process. We have removed habitat, but because we did so in the appropriate time frame, normal migration occurs. The bats will find other trees to nest on our property or elsewhere.

Q: Are houses being constructed behind the hospital?
A: The activity you see on the northwest corner of our property is associated with our use of construction-grade fill and sand available in that portion of the property. This has saved us several hundred thousand dollars by not having to purchase soil and transport it. We constructed a temporary road to avoid impacting the other township and county roads around the property. Currently, there are no plans to do any other construction. However, in our long-term vision of the site, we do believe there are many developable acres and new housing on the northern side of the property could be a possibility.

Q: Where exactly is the main entrance?
A: There will be two entrances for patients and guests. Both are located on the south side (Hwy 10 side) of the building. The west entrance will be considered the main daytime entrance for our clinics and many of our hospital services. That entrance will be open and staffed during the day, with definitive hours to be determined. The east entrance, which is located by the emergency department and ReadyCare, will be our 24-hour entrance and how you access those services. This is also where you enter if you wanted to visit an inpatient.

View all project milestones in our award-winning web series "Behind the Barricade"

December 20, 2021
Construction crews installed the last structural steel beam in front of several staff members, board members, and community members.

August 23, 2021
Tri-County Health Care announced publicly the plan to rebrand to Astera Health. This name change will be reflected at all locations, including satellite clinics. The change will become official upon the opening of the new facility. Learn more

May 21, 2021
Tri-County Health Care hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to commemorate the start of construction for our health care center of the future. The event featured several guest speakers from Tri-County plus local and state political representatives.

The history and legacy of Tri-County Health Care are rich with stories of doctors, nurses, staff and leaders creating a healthcare landscape that’s innovative, personalized, and efficient. Reflecting on the old makes us appreciate the present while looking forward to the future. This isn’t the first time we’ve broken ground or set out to make something new or better. However, this time we are building toward a future that has limitless possibilities. We’re thankful for all of our partners and contributors who are supporting us on this journey.

Learn more about our groundbreaking event here..

March 25, 2021
Joel Beiswenger, President & CEO, reported that Tri-County Health Care's "Imagine. Build. Transform." building project officially resumed. The delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic ended up being just one year and the projected grand opening is now Spring of 2023. He noted in a press conference that the overall project cost did not change much due to the delay. Material costs were higher than anticipated, but the cost of labor went down after going to bid in December-January.

April 2, 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic has led to health care facilities across the country to shift focus from regular patient flow to preparing for this emergency situation. Tri-County Health Care has taken on a lead role in the efforts for community mitigation efforts in the area. However, this has led to the difficult decision to suspend activities related to continued planning and construction of the new building project, Joel Beiswenger, President and CEO, announced during a virtual press conference on Wednesday morning. The suspension, effective immediately, is expected to delay the process by at least one construction season. Read the full press release here.

February 12, 2020
We are pleased that the Wadena City Council on February 11, 2020:

  • Approved the Development Agreement
  • Approved the re-zoning of the land
  • Voted to move forward with annexation of the property to have it fully within Wadena city limits

We thank the city leaders for their foresight and support for this important community asset.

Notice of Availability of an Environmental Assessment
Public Notice Announcing the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)