General Contacts

To Schedule or Cancel an Appointment:
Phone: 218-631-3510

To Request a Security Escort:

Phone: 218-639-0772

Prescription Refills: To request a prescription refill, please call your pharmacy. Your pharmacy will then reach out to your provider to fill your prescription.

Ask Your Provider a Question: The easiest way to ask a question of your provider is to send a message through MyChart. This method is more confidential than our general email address, and your message will go directly to your health care team.

Medical Records
Hospital Records: 218-631-7505
Clinic Records: 218-631-5231
Fax: 218-631-7571


Billing and Financial Information
Toll Free: 800-631-1811
Statement Inquiries, Bill Pay & Refunds: 218-631-7498
Insurance Inquiries, Clinic: 218-632-8736
Insurance Inquiries, Hospital (Lab & Radiology): 218-631-7495

General Contact:
If you have a great story, question or concern about Tri-County Health Care, please contact your local clinic or use the general contact below. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate person, and we will respond as quickly as possible.
Phone: 218-631-3510

Clinic Contacts

Tri-County Health Care
415 Jefferson St. N., Wadena, MN 56482
Phone: 218-631-3510 | Fax: 218-631-7503 | Map

Tri-County Health Care – Bertha Clinic
214 1st St. NW, Bertha, MN 56437
218-924-2250 | Map

Tri-County Health Care – Henning Clinic
401 Douglas Ave., Henning, MN 56551
218-583-2953 | Map

Tri-County Health Care – Henning Physical Therapy
801 Inman St., Henning, MN 56551
218-548-5580 | Map

Tri-County Health Care – Ottertail Clinic
232 Minnesota Highway 78 N., P.O. Box 129, Ottertail, MN 56571
218-367-6262 | Map

Tri-County Health Care – Sebeka Clinic
106 Minnesota Ave., Sebeka, MN 56477
218-837-5333 | Map

Tri-County Health Care – Verndale Clinic
102 Farwell St. S., Verndale, MN 56481
218-445-5990 | Map

Tri-County Health Care – Wadena Clinic
4 Deerwood Ave. NW, Wadena, MN 56482
218-631-3510 | Map

Tri-County Health Care – Wadena Rehabilitation Clinic
311 Jefferson St. N., Wadena, MN 56482
218-631-7475 | Map