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Freedom From Smoking Class

Freedom From Smoking Class

About the program

The American Lung Association has researched and developed the Freedom From Smoking self-help manuals in 1980. It was redesigned and relaunched in 2016, making sure the program remained “America’s gold standard in smoking cessation programs.”

This program offers a systematic approach to quitting. There is a logical progression from awareness of smoking dependence to actual behavior change. This program has a positive focus, by emphasizing the benefits of better health and improved lifestyle habits as well as mastery of one’s own life. The activities and assignments provide individuals who smoke with proven strategies for changing their behavior and lifestyle.

What’s in it for me?
For those who regularly attend and actively participate, the common benefits are:

  • Build and maintain motivation (being able to be confident that you can STAY QUIT!)
  • Stress and weight management
  • Relapse prevention and social support

How it works:

  • You are given the tools to thoughtfully manage nicotine addiction, unlearn the automatic behavior of smokin
  • Meet weekly with tobacco cessation facilitator and group
  • Develop effective coping skills and learn about the proper use of quit-smoking medications

What is the cost to me?
Currently there is no fee for the class. It is unknown, at this time, if future classes will be offered at no charge. So, take advantage of this amazing program while it is free!

The schedule and topics are as follows:
Session 1 - Thinking About Quitting
Session 2 - On the Road to Freedom
Session 3 - Wanting to Quit
Session 4 - Quit Day
Session 5 - Winning Strategies
Session 6 - The New You
Session 7 - Staying Off
Session 8 - Celebration

Event Details

Tri-County Health Care

Event Contact:

Melissa Spandl

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Melissa Spandl