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Hospitalist Care at
Tri-County Health Care

When you need to stay in the hospital, Tri-County Health Care gives you high-quality, timely care using the Hospitalist Model. Hospitalists are expert doctors who focus their time solely on caring for you while you're in the hospital.

How Hospitalists Care for You

We believe that you deserve high-quality, timely care when you're in the hospital, so that's why we use an efficient method of delivering care called the Hospitalist Model, which we began at the beginning of January 2019. Previously, if you had to stay in the hospital, you competed with clinic patients for a slot on your primary care provider's schedule. Using the Hospitalist Model, the Wadena clinic doctors take turns serving as hospitalists and devoting their time to hospital patients.

A hospitalist is a doctor who focuses completely on caring for patients who are staying in the hospital. By seeing a hospitalist during your stay, you receive more direct and immediate care because that doctor will not be divided between the clinic and hospital.

How do hospitalists care for patients at Tri-County?

Hospitalists are in the facility every day and focus only on patients in the hospital. As a result, they are able to keep you and your family well-informed and make sure all of your questions are addressed. this also allows support staff – including nurses, pharmacists, therapists, etc. – to work more efficiently.

Hospitalists stay in close contact with your primary care provider throughout your full hospital stay. They coordinate tests and lab work and adjust treatment based on the results. During the night, they work together with the in-house emergency department physician.

When you are ready to leave, the hospitalist updates your primary care provider on all aspects of the care given and any recommended follow-up care.

Benefits of hospitalists

  • Experienced in-house physician providing around-the-clock supervision of your care
  • A consistent and accessible contact for nurses and other providers who are caring for you
  • Ability to quickly track test results, monitor your progress and order recommended follow-up tests
  • More time to spend with the patient, meet with family members and answer questions or concerns
  • Possible shorter hospital stays since a consistent hospitalist manages your care
  • A team-based and patient-centered approach to providing care that includes multiple departments to improve the healing process
  • Increased availability of primary care providers in the clinic setting, which allows for greater accessibility for patients

eCARE Hospitalist

Tri-County has partnered with Avera eCARE Hospitalist, based in Sioux Falls, S.D., to support our hospital with board-certified internal medicine physicians and registered nurses. The eCARE Hospitalist team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through high-definition audio and video equipment.

Our team of providers and nurses, along with the eCARE Hospitalist team, work together to provide the best possible care. This virtual collaboration allows patients to maintain relationships with their local providers while receiving assistance and care from the internal medicine providers experienced in the treatment of acute illness.

Benefits include:

  • Offers support to providers, including physicians, advanced practice providers and registered nurses
  • TImely evaluation of any change in patient status
  • Less travel and need to transfer to urban health systems
  • Improves follow-up for lab results/studies

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I see my primary care provider?

    You might see your primary care provider if they are the scheduled hospitalist, but that may not always be the case. Hospitalists rotate every few days.

    Does my provider know I'm here?

    The hospitalist lets your provider know when you arrive and when you leave and keeps them updated on changes in your condition during your stay.

    Who will I see after I leave the hospital?

    The hospitalist will arrange follow-up appointments with your provider, as well as any specialists who consulted on your care.

    What if I don't have a primary care provider?

    When you leave the hospital, the hospitalist will help you arrange appropriate follow-up care and make provider recommendations.