Joel Beiswenger, President & CEO

What is the role of the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?
The President/CEO has responsibility for working with the Board of Directors, Medical Staff, and internal and external constituents to develop the long-term vision of the organization. This includes strategic planning and implementation, operations and financial management at Tri-County Health Care. Joel leads the Administrative Team managing all aspects of the organization’s operation and has direct management of Facilities Management, Administrative Services, Foundation, Human Resources, Information Technology and Marketing departments.

A little more about Joel…
Joel has been a part of the Tri-County Health Care family since 1998. He served as Chief Financial Officer prior to his appointment as President/CEO in 2008. Joel is married to Kim, together they have three children and one grandson. In his free time, Joel enjoys spending time power-boating, sailing and relaxing at Cass Lake, watching sports (especially hockey), golfing, going to the theater with Kim and spending time with Grandson Conner.

What does "Inspired Care" mean to Joel…
To me, inspired care is indicative of everything we do and how we do it as we work to achieve our mission is to “improve the health of the communities we serve.” In the past, this has mostly been by our provision of great care and service for our friends, neighbors and relatives when sick, injured, and seeking care with us. More recently, we have been able to focus more on the wellness aspects of providing health and healing services in an environment of “accountable care” by reaching out the community through events and by providing new services. We are all “inspired” by our calling to meet this mission and vision.


Judy White, VP of Clinic Operations
What is the role of the VP of Clinic Operations?
The Vice President of Clinic Operations is responsible for administration and management of primary care services at our six rural health clinics, as well as staff at our specialty care clinic, in radiology and in the lab. The Clinic Administrator is also charged with recruitment and oversight of our medical providers.

A little more about Judy…
A Verndale native, Judy started working at Tri-County in 1971 as an intern in the Medical Records department. Judy has worked in a myriad of different departments in the last three decades and has served in a variety of positions before her appointment to the administration team. Judy is married and has three children and grandchildren. In her free time, Judy enjoys hosting parties, baking and shoe shopping.

What does "Inspired Care" mean to Judy…
Inspired care is the kind of care I would want to receive – and always want Tri-County to provide. We all work hardest at the things that matter the most to us. One dictionary definition I found of inspired was “extraordinary quality” and that to inspire is “to move, influence or guide”. I am profoundly honored to be part of an organization that aspires to provide care that is of extraordinary quality and to continually participate in moving, influencing and guiding our staff toward that goal.


Kim Aagard, VP & Chief Financial Officer
What is the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)?
As the CFO, Kim is responsible for the financial integrity of Tri-County Health Care, the preparation of the budget and management of the patient financial services arena. Kim is a member of the administrative team and has direct management of the Business Office, Patient Financial Services, Finance, Health Information Management, Materials Management and Registration departments, as well as our Caring Heart Boutique gift shop.

A little more about Kim…
Kim Aagard has been with Tri-County Health Care for 30 years in a variety of roles such as Receptionist, Billing, Patient Financial Services, Materials Management, EMS, Accounting and now the Chief Financial Officer. Kim graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. Kim and her husband Tom have three children and three grandchildren. In her free time, Kim enjoys quilting, camping, spending time with grandbabies, gardening and canning.

What does "Inspired Care" mean to Kim...
To me, inspired care is the type of care that consists of extraordinary quality with that personal home town touch provided by people who truly care and are committed to caring and watching over others. Inspired care is an outcome where the accomplishment is much greater than the task itself.


Teresa Johnson, VP of Human Resources
What is the role of the VP of Human Resources?
As the Human Resources VP, my official role in the organization is to participate as a member of the Administrative Council in overall Tri-County Health Care strategic development and implementation, with a focus on the design and delivery of workforce strategies and organizational development.

I like to think my job is directing and leading all the people functions of the organization. Building a culture of accountability and evidence based leadership leading to an environment in which employees can thrive. The success of a business is ultimately linked to an engaged and successful workforce.

A little more about Teresa…
Teresa Johnson spent the first 21 years of her work life in long-term care doing whatever there was to do in the organization. For approximately 10 of those years, Teresa was an NREMT.

She has been in human resources for about 17 years. She received an AAS in Human Resource Management from MSCTC and BS in Management from the University of Mary in Bismarck.

Teresa and her husband live outside of Vergas, MN on 11 acres of land. They have two children and five grandchildren. Of course, she loves spending time with them but also has many other interests. She has two horses and shes loves to ride, It is a happy day when she can get out for a walk or a run. Teresa also has many flower beds that take a lot of her time. She has several outdoor toys, but use the Harley the most.

What does "Inspired Care" mean to Teresa...
Inspired care to me is providing the best possible outcome for our customers. Compassion, listening, a helping hand, a kind word. Doing this not because it is a requirement of the job or an expectation in life, but because it is the right thing to do. The need to do whatever it takes to make our customers feel safe and special.