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Primary Care

Just what the
patient ordered

At Tri-County Health Care, our primary care providers believe healthy relationships make everyone better. When you choose a provider from us, you get an entire team who becomes your health partners for life.

Specializing in care for all ages, our providers help you grow stronger in health—and coordinate care as your needs evolve. Trust compassionate care from a team of providers who remain focused on what matters most: helping you—and your family—live stronger, healthier lives.

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Close, comprehensive, compassionate primary care

At Tri-County Health Care, our personable providers and expert services are close by, so care is convenient and comfortable. Primary care providers help with everything from welcoming babies, providing well-visits and screenings for all ages, to addressing concerns of aging patients to help ensure a healthy quality of life.

Trust primary care at Tri-County Health Care for:

  • Shorter wait times for appointments
  • Centrally located clinics throughout our communities we serve
  • Expert, friendly, compassionate care
  • Care for your entire family and a relationship that lasts
  • Proactive preventative care that can save money and prevent problems before they start
  • Strong partnerships with specialists, ensuring a team approach to care and follow-up communication in the referral process
  • Telehealth and E-visits—convenient 24/7 online appointments

Tri-County Health Care, our team is here to fit your lifestyle and schedule. Start a lifelong relationship with a primary care provider and give yourself—and your family—the best chance for a happy, healthy future together. To schedule an appointment or learn more, call 218-631-3510.

Get to know our primary care team

Alison Meyer - Bertha Clinic

Stephen Davis - Wadena Clinic

Amy Severson - Henning Clinic

Julie Meyer - Wadena Clinic

Sada Aschnewitz - Wadena Clinic

Alfredmy Chessor - Wadena Clinic

Crystal Haskin - Wadena Clinic

Jessica Grimes - Ottertail Clinic

Jessica Anderson - Henning and Ottertail Clinics

Dawn Dahlgren-Roemmich, Wadena and Sebeka Clinics

Laura DuChene - Wadena Clinic

Ben Hess - Wadena Clinic

Heidi Olson - Wadena Clinic

Shaneen Schmidt - Wadena Clinic

Kevin Walters - Wadena Clinic

Jamie Udy - Wadena Clinic

Jill Wilkens - Wadena Clinic

Rose Lorentz - Wadena Clinic

Bobbi Adams - Wadena Clinic

Dylan Folkestad - Henning and Bertha Clinics

Alyssa Jackson - Sebeka Clinic

John Lindblom - Wadena Clinic