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Occupational Therapy

Getting you back to work, back to daily activities and back to life, Occupational Therapy from Tri-County is committed to helping you achieve the highest level of functioning possible.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy helps people of all ages participate in everyday activities such as self-care, work and play. Whether you have had an orthopedic injury, stroke, chronic pain or a developmental condition, occupational therapy can help you live life to the fullest by addressing your functional limitations

Tri-County Health Care - Wadena Rehabilitation Clinic

Other patient services include:

Care Provided

Orthopedic Conditions

Whether you have had planned hand surgery, or an accident leading to injury, our therapists are trained to evaluate and treat orthopedic conditions to get you back to participating in functional activities.

Neurological Conditions

Life after a neurological event such as a stroke or a condition such as Parkinson’s can be debilitating. Our therapists know how to help you regain and maintain the skills necessary to maintain the highest quality of life.


Tri-County Health Care’s LSVT-certified occupational therapist provides treatment for those who are experiencing decreased motor functioning due to Parkinson’s disease. This treatment is customized to the needs and goals of each patient. More than 25 years of research show that patients can achieve improved walking, balance, trunk rotation and daily activities. Patients attend treatment four days a week for four weeks and must have a referral by a provider or specialist.

Pediatric Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children learn how to participate in everyday activities such as eating, getting dressed, going to the bathroom and performing well at school.


Providing the very best in evidence based treatment, our experienced staff will be with you in every stage of your journey.

Alyce Zimmerman, OTL, CLT

Luke VanHavermaet, OTR/L