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Care Coordination

Some patients may need a bit of extra support in meeting their
day-to-day care needs and Tri-County Health Care can help.

What is Care Coordination?

Care Coordination is a program offered at Tri-County for patients with complex conditions or who have been diagnosed with multiple health ailments. Patients are referred by their physician and assigned a Care Coordination nurse who helps to achieve their health care goals. A proactive approach to care, Care Coordination works to help patients achieve better outcomes and prevent unnecessary visits.

Tri-County Care Coordinators assist patients with:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Health maintenance reminders
  • Goal creation, accountability and motivation
  • Understanding your condition and answering questions
  • Navigating the health care system
  • Choosing a specialist
  • Tracking referrals and results
  • Understanding recommendations and follow up plans
  • Making sure your provider has complete information when you see him or her

Care Coordination provides 24/7 access to your health care team with a patient and family-centered approach. Ask your physician if Care Coordination is right for you.

Health Care Home Certified

Minnesota Department of Health Certified Health Care Home

Tri-County Health Care is a certified Health Care Home provider. What is Health Care Home? Health Care Home is a way of delivering care. It is not a building, house, hospital or nursing staff. Rather, it is a team approach to care that gives you access to the services and support you need. That team includes you, your primary care provider, other providers and staff at the clinic, community agencies and a trusted family member or friend. Through constant communication, teamwork and coordination, the aim is to provide patients with the best care possible, while improving outcomes.

Because each patient is unique, Health Care Home at Tri-County offers the following commitment to our patients in order to make their experience as simple and anxiety-free as possible:

  • Creation of individualized goals
  • Delivery of personalized care
  • Assignment of a dedicated Care Coordinator if needed
  • Commitment of quality care

Although anyone can benefit from Health Care Home, this service is especially important for individuals with chronic diseases and other special needs.

Ask your provider about Health Care Home services from Tri-County.


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