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DOT Physical

For those who drive commercial motor vehicles like tractor trailers, semis or passenger buses, their ability to drive is their livelihood. To determine if they are physically healthy for the demanding drives, Tri-County Health Care's certified providers can provide DOT physicals.

Ensuring a healthy drive

A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical consists of an eye exam, hearing test, and blood pressure checks, as well as filling out DOT-required paperwork. The purpose is to ensure drivers are in proper health so that, ideally, they don’t suffer any unforeseen medical events while driving, thereby protecting themselves and others who are on the road.

Long hours on the road and high-stress environments can lead to a poor diet and lack of exercise, which can negatively affect a driver’s health. That’s why it’s important to have regular checkups.

DOT physicals are required every two years for commercial drivers, but if they have pre-existing health conditions or take certain medications, they are required every year.

If the driver passes the exam, then the provider issues a new medical card, which must be taken immediately to the license bureau in order to upload the information to the state of Minnesota.

Finding providers who offer DOT physicals has gotten more difficult in the past several years. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration updated its regulations and required that providers be specially certified medical examiners in order to perform a DOT physical. TCHC has a certified provider at each of its clinic locations.


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