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eICU Care

At Tri-County Health Care, we recognize having a local bedside physician is key to patient healing and provides peace of mind to family and friends. Adding an additional level of care, Tri-County has partnered with Avera Health to provide eICU care to intensive care patients in order to provide 24-hour, around-the-clock monitoring to provide more timely, high-quality care.

How does eICU work?

The eICU system uses telemedicine technology, early warning software and remote monitoring to connect off-site, specially trained physicians and critical care nurses to patients in the ICU. This highly trained team of professionals uses an in-room camera and monitoring device in the patient room at Tri-County to watch over ICU patients while also being cared for by on-site nurses and physicians.

Our Avera partners are located at their operations center at Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. There, staff specializes in the care of critically ill patients, as well as critical care nurses, constantly monitor a patient’s condition. Information such as vital signs, medications, X-rays and test results are sent to the operations center via secure, high-speed data lines. This helps staff recognize even slight changes to a patient’s condition, allowing for immediate or early intervention if necessary through coordination with Tri-County Health Care.

Patient and family benefits of eICU

  • Improves patient safety and monitoring
  • Provides additional level of care on top of expertise provided by bedside staff
  • Provides excellent care close to home
  • Eliminates the financial, physical and emotional burden of transferring patients to larger facilities
  • Allows for increased communication with other critical care staff

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