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Infusion Therapy

Astera Health offers a variety of outpatient treatments with an overall focus on patient safety and comfort. All services are performed by registered nurses in private bays with big-screen televisions and reclining chairs with integrated heat.

How We Can Help

Infusion therapy involves the administration of medication through a needle or catheter. Infusion therapy involves administering medications into your venous system/muscles, or subcutaneous tissue. The length of the appointment is determined by the medication ordered. Whether you are receiving primary care from an Astera Health provider or elsewhere, Astera can help. Your time is precious. We will help coordinate your care to improve your healing time and maintain your quality of life.  We will work in close coordination with your primary care provider or specialist who orders treatments to provide the services you need, regardless of where in the state your specialist is located.

Our experienced team of registered nurses administers all treatments at Astera and is committed to making your time with us as pleasant and anxiety-free as possible. Provider support is available on-site during business hours.

Infusion Services Provided

Specialized care is much closer than you think. Astera Health can provide:

  • IV infusions for:
    • Cancer diagnosis
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Dehydration
    • Infections requiring daily antibiotics
    • Iron deficiency anemia
    • Low blood counts requiring a blood transfusion
    • Migraines
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Osteomyelitis
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Ulcerative colitis
  • Portacath/PICC flushes
  • Specialty injections for:
    • Asthma
    • Bone support
    • Cancer
    • Hormone therapy
    • Neutropenia
  • Thoracentesis
  • Additional services include:
    • Blood draws from Port or PICC lines
    • Complex wound vac dressing changes
    • Dressing changes on wounds in hard-to-reach places
    • Therapeutic phlebotomy
    • Weekly PICC line dressing changes

Toll-Free: 800-631-1811

Department phone: 218-631-7461

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