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(Bones & Joints)

Specializing in the treatment and diagnosis of bone, muscle and joint disorders in patients of all ages, Tri-County Health Care is a wonderful option for orthopedic care in Ottertail, Todd and Wadena counties.

Tri Orthopedics

Your body was made to move. Bones, joints, ligaments and muscles – all of these work in tandem to keep you mobile, whether climbing stairs, playing an instrument, taking a walk, reaching for a top shelf or kneeling to tend your garden.

But sometimes, these parts don’t work as they should, causing you pain and limited movement. That’s where Tri Orthopedics steps in.

Full range of services
Whether it’s your hip, knee, ankle or shoulder, Tri Orthopedics has the resources and expert providers to get you back to work or simply back to life. With full-time orthopedic surgeon Ben Robertson, M.D., and visiting orthopedic surgeon Joel Shobe, M.D. Tri-County offers patients the flexibility and professional care they need without the burden of long distance travel.

Services offered include:
  • Total joint replacements (knee, hip, shoulder)
  • Carpal tunnel release
  • Ganglion cyst removal
  • Bunion and hammertoe corrections
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Arthroscopy procedures (knee and shoulder)
  • Fracture care – casting or surgical repair (hand, wrist, arm, toes, foot, ankle, clavicle)
  • Osteoarthritis care
  • Treatment of repetitive use and sports-related injuries

Total joints
Strong, proven and safe, total joint replacements are a reliable option for those with damaged and arthritic joints when physical therapy, medication or life modifications don’t help. Dr. Robertson offers these procedures right in Wadena, with special training in direct anterior hip, Oxford knee and reverse total shoulder replacements.

Total joint procedures replace a damaged or arthritic joint with a prosthetic device designed to move and function like that of a healthy joint. They reduce pain, improve mobility and restore quality of life.

Joint camp
You won’t have to go through this experience alone. When you come to Tri Orthopedics for a joint replacement, you’ll join a group of other patients who are also awaiting their own procedure. This group will become a safe place where you can go for motivation, encouragement and fun as you work toward recovery together.

If you have had a joint replacement and are currently going through the program, you can access the joint guidebooks here:

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Tri-County Health Care – Wadena

Toll-Free: 800-880-3627
Phone: 218-631-3510


"I feel very strongly that I had it done at the right facility by the right surgeon with the right people caring for me and the right people praying for me. I am very thankful!"
– Jerome Miller, total hip replacement patient

"As a visitor, I was so impressed with the staff. From the moment I walked in the door, you're treated great! The men out front helped me out of the cold. People offered to help we find my way around. You have great staff! It's comforting to know your loved one is being treated so well."
– Bob Carter, husband of total knee replacement patient

"I spoke to several people, and they all asked, 'What can I do to help?'"
– Liz Lange, wife of patient