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Respiratory Therapy

Breathing occurs simply, easily and without thought for most of us. For those who struggle with breathing problems like asthma, emphysema or bronchitis, every breath can be a hardship.

Why Tri-County Health Care?

The Respiratory Therapy Department at Tri-County Health Care provides a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients with heart, lung and respiratory disorders. Working in close coordination with your medical doctor, we are able to treat all patients of all ages from birthing and patient rooms, to the emergency room.

Through a long standing relationship with our Medical Director and Pulmonologist,
Todd Greatens, M.D., Tri-County Health Care provides patients with the care they need close to home.

Specific care provided by respiratory therapists can include:

  • Administration of oxygen
  • Administering drugs to the lungs
  • Monitoring of cardiopulmonary systems
  • Measuring of lung function
  • Management of mechanical ventilators
  • Sleep Studies
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Asthma education
  • Smoking cessation

Toll-Free: 800-631-1811
Phone: 218-631-3510